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Getting Cold Outside: Winterizing Your Shed

Last updated Monday, January 9th, 2023

Bring on the heat before temperatures drop. Although small, sheds need attention this season too! A little bit of TLC helps protect the structure and everything inside.

Harsh conditions can develop even in the greater Hampton Roads area. Sleet, sub-zero wind chills and snow can turn the mid-Atlantic into a winter wonderland. Help outbuildings weather the cold.

Colonial Barns & Sheds are built to endure each season year after year. We take great pride in what we produce for you. Have questions? Our helpful team members have answers! If you’ve dreamed of owning a shed, we can make it happen. 

Winter Shed

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Whether it’s storage or a shed to house conversion, make the most of your backyard space with a high quality, long-lasting and durable shed.

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Five Tips to Winterize Your Shed

Winterizing your shed can be done in a snap. Luckily, the compact size makes this job easier. Staying on top of maintenance throughout the year lightens the load too. You can get back to your weekend after a few tweaks. 

Add Insulation

Not only does insulation help retain warmth in winter, it keeps sheds cooler in the summer. Adding this affordable material is a win-win! Best areas to insulate include the:

  • Trap warm air inside through an insulated ceiling.
  • Insulated floors stop heat from escaping.
  • Up your comfort level and your shed’s energy efficiency. 

Install Weatherstripping

This product helps fill door and window gaps. Since the average shed doesn’t have many windows or doors, this process should go quickly. If all goes well, you could install new weatherstripping in minutes.  

Throw Away Unwanted Items

Clutter kills. Okay, maybe not literally but too much stuff can suck the life out of sheds. Was this space designated for storage? Only important items need to stay. Picking and choosing what goes may not be fun. Hang in there! The end result is worth it!

If you feel overwhelmed, get a friend or family member to help. Instead of devoting an afternoon, use smaller chunks of time. Turn on some tunes. Before you know it, your shed will be winter-ready. 

Clean Up Outside Your Shed

Life happens. It’s easy for things to pile up around the shed. Wipe down equipment to prepare for storing. Toss unusable junk. Stack buckets and cover. Tarp anything valuable that won’t be going inside.

Many gardening supplies that have sat out must come in for winter. Leaving mulch and soil outside is fine. Just tuck these items out of the way.

Don’t forget to do some yardwork. Tend to overgrown areas. Trim nearby tree limbs. Clear away leaf litter and sticks. Make sure you have a clear path to the door. 

Sweep Out Your Shed

Start from the top. Work your way down. Combat cobwebs. Dust off stored items. Get rid of any leaves or debris that have found their way inside.

Give the floor a good sweeping. You may want to wear a dust mask. Remove rugs for cleaning. Bring another tool for hard-to-reach crevices. A Shop-Vac or handheld vacuum can do the trick. If it’s been a while between cleanings, let the dust settle, then go back for round two.

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