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Built Right, Built Once

Long Lasting, Attractive and Economical Storage Solutions

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Built Right, Built Once

Long Lasting, Attractive and Economical Storage Solutions

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or text / call 757-663-8470

Colonial Barns & Sheds Makes Storing Your Stuff in a Quality Shed As Easy As it Can Be

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Willie and Carolyn Bought Their Shed in 1979… and It’s Still in Great Shape Today

Colonial Barns - High quality, long lasting constructionColonial Barns - Built to last

David, Gloria, Charley, Birtha, Fran – these are not the names of family members. But the 5 hurricanes that occurred in the Hampton Roads area between 1978 and 1996. 16 more since then including Matthew. They performed routine maintenance just as they did with their home and as a result it is still in phenomenal shape.

Three Simple Reasons:

Number 1

Willie and Carolyn’s shed was built locally by Colonial Barns and Sheds employees as yours will be.

Number 2

We could make them cheaper, faster, and with less, lighter and cheaper materials (most builders do)… but that wouldn’t seem right.

Number 3

And it’s not easy to find workers with a solid work ethic today. We work hard at it so the crew that’s in your backyard actually building your shed cares about what they’re doing and shows pride in their work. Give us a try and you’ll see for yourself.

"This is the 2nd shed Colonial Barns has built for us. They do fantastic work And the shed is so much better built than the ones you can buy from the big box stores. The newest shed turned out beautifully, going beyond our expectations. I know this shed will last a very long time."
Jennifer B. Chesapeake, VA
Hip Roof Shed
Colonial Barns | A Roof Garage Style Shed
Colonial Barns | Fully Lofted Garage Style Shed
Colonial Barns | Cape Cod Shed

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What Type of Shed Suits Your Needs Best?

Choose from seven unique shed styles, built to fit perfectly into your backyard

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Cape Cod Shed
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A Roof Shed
Icon - Shed Style Barn
Classic Barn Style Shed
Icon - Fully Lofted Garage Shed
Fully Lofted Garage Shed
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Short Wall Shed
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Hip Roof Shed
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Specialty Sheds & Buildings

After Getting Burned By Another Builder, Jeff Turned to Colonial Barns and Sheds

Jeff contacted a major retailer to build a shed, but in his own words, “the team that came out to put the shed together had no idea what they were doing. “

All in All, Jeff Ended Up Being Out About $2,000 With Nothing to Show for It. Again Jeff’s words, “The crew looked confused from the start and the finished product was just as I feared.” He wanted the issues fixed but what he didn’t realize when he purchased the shed is that these were subcontractors. Then, to make matters worse, the store where Jeff purchased the shed wanted to send out those same subcontractors that didn’t know what they were doing to supposedly fix the myriad of problems. 

Totally frustrated and getting nowhere with the store, Jeff finally ended up paying those same subcontractors out of his pocket to remove the shed. Understandably he didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Jeff Had Two Questions For Us

What Is Your Warranty? and Who Builds It?

He Was Ecstatic With His New Shed Just A Few Weeks Later

  • With Colonial Barns you get a 10 year warranty.
  • Your shed will be built by our full-time employees that are carefully chosen and trained to do expert craftsmanship to our exacting standards.
  • The structural design of your shed is certified by an engineer licensed in VA and NC.

Class A Contractor

Why Buy From Colonial Barns & Sheds

The Contractor Advantage


Total accountability, no drama. All construction – shop and field – is done by our carefully selected and supervised team of full time employees.


Assurance of working with a local licensed contractor with 1000s of satisfied customers.


Peace of mind of our 10 Year Warranty backed by our 40 year reputation.


Pride of ownership resulting from superior appearance – design, finish quality and materials.


Broad design selection of styles and additional features to suit your taste and purpose/function.


Personal assistance by our knowledgeable professionals for you to make the best selections based upon what’s MOST important to YOU.


Our sheds have withstood multiple hurricanes because they are built to the demanding local wind and flood standards, as certified by a licensed VA and NC Engineer.


Convenience and soundness of having our team install the proper foundation if you choose.


No need to continue wasting money on temporary storage when you could own a shed. Financing available as well as all major credit cards.

Let's Build Your Shed

Our team of craftsmen is ready to help you build a top-quality, durable, and long-lasting shed for your property. Request a quote today and we’ll get your quote back to you within two business days.

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